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How to pay your order?

Payment methods

africsalon offers following payment methods. Please choose the one you like. In case of cash on delivery please note that there will be delivery fees and charges.


Payment in advance

Free shipping within Germany. (Except Express-Delivery)

Please transfer the total amount of your order to africsalon IBAN: DE32 5125 0000 0017 4212 47 , BIC: DE32 5125 0000 0017 4212 47 , Taunussparkasse.


Registered customers can use payment on invoice.

Cash on delivery

Please pay in cash on delivery the total amount and additionally 6,-- € to the deliverer (4,-- € cash on delivery charge and 2,-- € delivery charge). The deliverer has to be paid in cash and will not accept cheques. 

Debit payment

We will debit the total amount from your banking account.


You can use your PayPal account.

Credit/debit cards

africsalon accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard.