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Designers and their brands



Fashion designer Mehmuna Ibrahim Schumann and her mother Laila Ibrahim officially established afrofashion in Lilongwe, Malawi March 2008.

afrofashion strives to promote a revival of local fashion production by engaging tailors in manufacturing modern African clothes using all that’s natural and traditional. All activities are carried out with an ethnic touch so as to glorify the rich African culture. The creations all speak for themselves. We are always experimenting with new textiles and styles and diversifying our creative loud and out spoken designs.

 Ikanzu Designs & Accessories

Ikanzu in the local (Rwanda) language of  Kinyarwanda, which is spoken in the "Land of a Thousand Hills", better known as Kigali, means "Dress".
What makes Ikanzu Designs Unique is we try to customize every garment and accessory, so every piece produced is never the same, assuring you that nobody else is wearing what you are.
Only the finest fabrics and components are used to deliver high quality products to our valued customers. When our company opened in 2010, we designed and tailored dresses for women. Today Ikanzu designs makes custom made clothing and suits for Men & Women, Wedding Dresses and much more!

Liz Ogumbo